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Well I'm gonna drive to West Virginia

Buy myself a shack

Put my good car in the front yard

Block it up on jacks

Then I'm gonna take me a couple wheels off

Roll 'em down into the creek

I'm gonna bust a couple windows

Fix it with a plastic sheet

I got tired of working for nothing

Working every day

Bills made me a poor man

But I found a better way

I just built myself a sculpture

A monument to Chevrolet

And now I've got a gallery

Where my front yard used to lay

Well I'm working on a '49 Ford

I got it hidden 'round in the backyard

But it's only going to be a few days

'Til it's rusted just enough to display

And when I roll it on down by the road

I'll have a monument to Henry Ford

Brought to you by Eastern Mountain Appalachian Roadside Modern Art

Yeah, modern art

So bring your car to West Virginia

Buy your own favorite spot

Get you a big old front yard

Start yourself a parking lot

You can roll 'em up on one side

Roll 'em over onto the roof

You can push 'em down into the creek bed

You can leave 'em on the avenue

But hey now, don't you go thinkin' that's just a car

Listen here buddy, that's a work of art

That was America's finest form of transportation

Don't you think it needs just a little celebration

That's all I'm trying to do

Brought to you by Eastern Mountain Appalachian Roadside Modern Art

Yeah, modern art

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