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David Wilcox


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from What You Whispered

by David Wilcox/Beth Nielsen Chapman

In the tears you gave to me

I found a river to an ocean

A concrete sky and a stone cold sea

That came to where the emptiness cracked open

And all my fears came crashing through

And met the fire of my sorrow

But I found my strength in forgiving you

I never even dreamed how far my heart could go

To give my life beyond each death

From this deeper well of trust

To know that when there's nothing left

You will always have what you gave to love

In this life, the love you give becomes the only lasting treasure

And what you lose will be what you win

A well that echoes down too deep to measure

A silver coin rings down that well

You could never spend too much, a diamond echoes deeper still

And you'll always have what you gave to love,

You will always have what you gave to love

© 2000 Lyrics reprinted by permission, all rights reserved

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