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David Wilcox


play Guilty Either Way

from Underneath

I'm tired of all the jagged edges

that cut me every time you fall

and the pieces of your life come down around you.

And I'm tired of the worried voices

crying when they call

just 'cause I'll know where to look

when no one's found you.

You're just sailing right along,

that's what you're thinking.

I've been bailing you out so long,

you don't even know you're sinking.

I'm guilty. Guilty either way.

Wrong to try to fix you, and wrong to turn away.

I'm guilty, guilty either way.

I don't want to be the one to get that call

some early morning

when they find you dead of more than you can take.

I don't want to be the one

to dry your children's tears of mourning

and try to find some lie to cover your mistake.

If I'm always here to catch you,

then you're only going to fall again,

but if you fall right through the bottom,

then I'm always going to feel the blame.


©1999 Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music(ASCAP)/Cindy Lou My Dear (ASCAP) written with Gary Nicholson/Gary Nicholson Music (ASCAP)

All Rights Reserved/International Copyright Secured

Any duplication and/or transmission of this copyrighted lyric requires

the written consent of the copyright owner. Unauthorized

uses are an infringement of the copyright laws of the United States

and other countries and are punishable thereunder.

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