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David Wilcox


play Right On Time (From Airstream)

from Musical Medicine BUY

It's the loneliness, it's the love you miss
It's the tears that a heart has to pay
It's the same mistakes, it's the time it takes
It's the years that lead you to say

If you'd never been broken hearted
If you never got left behind
Been a little bit crazy with the thoughts in your mind
So you had to let go of knowing
'Cause you gotta be lost and found
To land exactly where your heart was bound to find
After this long hard climb
And turns that will twist and wind
Love meets you right on time

Every turnaround, all the bridges down
That's the road that I traveled alone
Just the way it was, broken promises
What's it take to lead a heart home

CHORUS  (first person)

Love anticipating every mile till it finds you
Love stands waiting with a smile to remind you


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