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David Wilcox


Dream Again

Guitar tuning:  AGDGCD pc 4 ss 9 top string - key of E  pc- partical capo, ss - single string capo

We had time to dream
Our huckleberry glide downstream
That's the way it seemed
Time was cheap as gasoline

Old route 66  through the sticks
Was our magic carpet
How we used to fly and not look down

Far across the seas
The history of the ancient empires
(we were)  Earning our degrees
We'd study hard to stoke our own fires

So summer we could fly  you and I
With our headphones blairing
Whistling through the fallen ruins of Rome

I know we're not at peace
Coming back across our border
Security police
Change the homeland threat to orange

Remember back when we were the free
And the hopeful nation
Home from our vacation   toe that line

I got no time to rest
Search for work in Carolina
We used to make the best
Now they ship that stuff from China

Factories closing down  left this town
With our homeless shelters, and
Blankets in the dirt when gates get closed

Ashes in the dust
Must have been their campfire burning
It's boom until it's bust
That's the lesson we've been learning

Through our glory days  all ablaze
With our pride and promise
We never saw the ways it all burns down

We're leaving here tonight
Walk the rails across that river
On the other side
All the future can deliver

Across this great divide,  river's wide
Where the future's waiting
If I can just decide to leave the past

(come on)
It's who we've always been
The land of dreams and visionaries
The frontier starts again
Make our way with what we carry

The journey is from here,  hope or fear
For our children's children
We ARE the pioneers
We have a dream again


Written by David Wilcox


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updated: 6 years ago

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