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David Wilcox


We Call it Freedom

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You don’t deserve to be citizens now
You’re serving the opposite side
It’s treason to slander our nation
And damage our pride
   How could you protest the torture we’ve done
As if our great land should be weak
You’re not worth the freedom we won
That allows you to speak

We’ll throw ‘em in prison
And that’s where we’ll leave ‘em
There’s no harm in torturing  Devils and demons
Watch who you pity or else you might be one
(We’ll starve ‘em and drown ‘em and
Strip ‘em and beat  ‘em)
They call it torture.           We call it freedom

Don’t call it justice to ask for a trial
Of those whose suspicion is clear
If you are with us, then
You should have nothing to fear
Watch what you say about the land of the free
We’re listening all of the time
Remember there’s room down in Gitmo
And treason’s a crime


So now WHAT gives you the right
To say that America’s wrong
We will SHINE like a beacon of light
But first we must fight to be strong



Written by David Wilcox

© 2010 David Wilcox

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