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David Wilcox


Monday, October 13, 2014

Hi David. The Whittier Shannon center, October 11th, 2014. What a wonderful night. I'd like to be real clear, and honest. It was a night of miracles. Like you sang, every things Holy. It was a holy night. I an going to send you the blog where my friend Diana was "hoping" to come to your concert, something she was leaning into living for. It wouldn't have been so incredible if I hadn't been in the hospital with her just 2 weeks ago when the gals from hospice came in to tell her to get her affairs in order.
Thanks again, you were a tonic, long before you came to Whittier!

I would like to add she has been in bed since she came home from the hospital, with only a few times of getting up…and that in just the last few days. Your concert was her first outing.

-Chris and Susan Logie
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