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David Wilcox DVD - Live at the WorkPlay Theater

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released 2008   What Are Records

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This two disc set features a full concert from start to finish and a bonus disc that features David talking about the stories behind the songs in the concert, some guitar lessons, two bonus songs,  ('Into One' and 'Airstream's' 'Perfect Storm') and a masterful discussion of his process of songwriting - it's both a 'how to' and a 'why to'  for aspiring songwriters, but it's also a bit of a larger life lesson that may have resonance even if you've never considered writing a song - the material he's discussing speaks to far more than simply songwriting.

As for the concert, here are David's words to describe the show:

Hey friends,

This was such a great night of music and I'm glad they had all those cameras rolling so you could join us.  The initial plan for the night was just  to do a webcast, but we realized that we had captured a really special show and decided to make this DVD. The venue was sold out and I didn't want to turn people away, so we made room by putting more chairs on the wings of the stage which made it feel close and personal so I could relax and sing right to you.  The show you see here runs "real time" which means that there's almost nothing edited out.  The night still has its natural flow.  The time between the songs is filled with stories that weave the music together, and you guitar players can easily follow whatever weird tuning the guitar is in. The sound was superb, so I could switch tunings really fast.  The crowd had great energy, and it was a very full time in my life, right after we took off on our Airstream travels.   I'm grateful that everything came together on a night when the cameras were there to capture it for you.  Thanks for joining us.


Disc 1 concert - see track listing above

Disc 2 - Bonus Features Disc

Song Stories
Guitar Lesson and gear discussion
Bonus Songs - 'Into One' and 'Perfect Storm'
Songwriting Workshop

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