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David Wilcox


Turning Point

cover of Turning Point

released 1997   Koch International

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Produced by David Wilcox and Ric Hordinski
Executive Produced: Nance Pettit

All songs written by David Wilcox and published by Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music – BMI, except "Human Cannonball," written by Ric Hordinski and David Wilcox, published by Monk Ici Music – ASCAP/Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music – BMI and "Western Ridge," written by David Wilcox and L.J. Booth, published by Midnight Ocean Bonfire Music – BMI/Firefly Jar Music ASCAP.
Recorded at Mersey Beat Studio, Cincinnati and The Cabin Outback, Asheville
Engineers (Asheville): Chris Rosser and Ric Hordinski

Additional recordings: The Brewhouse, Minneapolis: Engineered by Rob Genadek
Omnisound, Nashville: Engineered by Mike Poole

Mersey Sound Beat Studio: Technical assistance by Steve Harris
Mixing: Omnisound, Nashville by Mike Poole with Ric, David and Newton
Mix assistance: Aaron Swihart
Mastering: Denny Purcell at Georgetown Mastering

Victor Wooten appears courtesy of Compass Records
Photographs: Michael Wilson
Design: Carol Farrar Norton
Copyediting: Leda Neale

Management: Tom Simonson for Carter/Simon Management
Booking: Terry Rindal, Performers of the World

David Loves: Olson Guitars, D'Addario Strings and Keyser Capos

To you, This recording project has been a two-year process and there's a big cast of characters who gave it life. As I think back on the whole story, I am thankful for everyone who was there along the way. From start to finish I am thankful for Nance Pettit and Nathan, to Tom Simonson, Jeff Arundel, Jeff Victor and all the Minneapolis players and to The Brewhouse studio for the jumpstart. Next, thanks to Robin Eaton and all the Nashville players and Alex the Great studio. Then, thanks to Ric Hordinski for getting everything on track and for the inspiration and friendship. Through Ric I met Newton Carter, who added even more talent and vision and vibe, and who also led us to Mike Toole, who brought it all together. This has been a truly satisfying chapter of my life, and a turning point, and I'm greatful. (The fact that we came up with the best recording of my life is pretty cool, too). I'd also like to thank the great music community of Asheville, N.C., especially Walter Parks, Stephanie Winters and Chris Rosser. Thanks to all the other players and no less thanks for the work and inspiration on the tracks that aren't heard but that are still here in spirit in the layers.

Now as we pass the finished tape on to the fine people at Koch Records, I feel like it is in good hands, and I am greatful for their hard work in getting it out…to you.
                                D.W., February  1997

Ric thanks:
Karen Jean for love and patience. Peter at D'Addario, T.J. Schmidlin at Pentode Amp Works, Mike's Music, and Ric Hordinski management (Umbrella Artists, Cincinnati). Ric and Newton are proud to endorse the Sonic Wonderful-izer.

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