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David Wilcox


Out Beyond Ideas

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released 2005   What Are Records

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copyright 2005 - University of Maryland - CIDCM

David Wilcox - Guitar/Vocals
Nance Pettit - Vocals
Bill Kreutzman - Drums
Amos Heller - Bass
Josh Seurkamp - Drums
Ric Hordinski - electric guitars, loops, treatments, percussion, keyboards
Phil Keaggy - additional guitars
Matt Slocum - cello
Paul Patterson - violin
Jim Feist - tabla
Chris Rosser - dotar, harmonium
Leda Saeedian - Farsi recitation of Rumi Poem

Produced by: Ric Hordinski
Paintings used in CD packaging: Najwa al-Amin
Packaging design: Eric Schumacher
Photos of Nance and David: Sprintz Hall Photography
Photos of Najwa's art: Stuart Dahne

This is a collection of ancient mystic poems, drawn from across the world's major faith traditions, made into songs by David Wilcox and Nance Pettit. This project benefits the Partners in Conflict and Partners in Peacebuilding Project at The Center for International Development and Conflict Management, based out of the University of Maryland. This project works to end intractable conflicts around the world through new and innovative person to person diplomacy.

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