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For David Wilcox, all roads have led him to where he wanted to be.  All the songs, all the shows, all the miles, all the struggles and triumphs and breakthroughs, have brought him here, to this particular spot, to this fine Vista.  The result is a joyous, musically diverse album that fully combines his deeply observant lyrical touch with music that moves the feet as well as the soul.  Co-produced with Ben Wisch, VISTA  was recorded at home and mixed in Manhattan.  It has the heart of an acoustic singer-songwriter record and the soul of a band of friends that have been playing together for years.  "It's the groove these songs have that sets them apart from my other recordings," Wilcox says, "this is the soundtrack of how my life feels lately."

"There's a reason so many of these songs are about  joy and what it means to be really alive," David says.  "There's been a change in perspective,  how I see the world.  These songs are fun and they offer a way of seeing this life as a heartfelt adventure.  My favorite songs are the ones that have been to the depths of the darkness and shine a light on the way through."  The music is a reflection of a life well-lived.


David and his wife Nance are on a two year journey, traveling with their 13-year-old son Nathan in a 28 foot Airstream trailer pulled by their bio-diesel truck.   "The idea was to show Nathan the country, but we've kept going longer than we expected because it's been such a wonderful experience," he says. "Nate's home-schooling lessons are drawn from where we go and who we meet.   We don't know what each day will bring or where the path will lead,  and the part we love best is following where we are led."  

There has been a similar awakening in his performances.  "The gigs feel so much better because my reasons for doing what I do have become clearer," he explains. "I tune in to what's unique about each night, each room of people in front of me. It feels like I'm getting out of the way and letting the music through."

"Music is sacred ground," David says.  "It's a place where you have to tell the truth about what you've been through, who you are, and where you're going.  I love how a good song can show you the world through someone else's eyes in three minutes."   The life that VISTA  shows us is down to earth and still dares to dream.  It is inspired by travel and true love and a lifetime of loving music and following the longing of the heart until finally arriving at the vista
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